22 year old Paisley is a treat. This delicious young lady is eager to meet you. With her pretty petite young body and flowing dark hair she is a beauty to behold.

Escort Paisley

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Name: Paisley
Age: 22 jaar
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Colorn: Brown
Length: 5
Figure: petite
Cup Size: 32
Availability: Yes
Escort: Yes
Dinnerdate: Yes
Striptease: Yes
French: Yes
Massage: Yes
Greek: No
Threesome M/M: Yes
Threesome M/V: Yes
Watersport: No
S.M. Dominant: Yes

Paisley wants to give you the best experience possible and trust me when i say don't be fooled by this young devils age, she is just as experienced as the other girls and full of ambition.

Paisley's stunning slim figure and naughty mind make her perfect if you want a wild time.

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